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Renken Architects & Builders LLC

Renken Architects & Builders LLC is a full service design/build company specializing in traditional architecture.


Services include:

Architectural Design


Addition/Rennovation Transformations


Based in Chicago’s North Shore, we strive to carry on the rich architectural heritage of our communities. We offer architectural solutions for today’s lifestyles through a process that creatively enhances the lives of clients while respecting the budget and contextual setting.




Renken Architects & Builders LLC works with clients every step of the way to ensure that their design is ready for construction. The collaboration begins with your inspiration. That partnership continues with the experienced guidance of our Architectual Team until the constuction documents are complete. Your design will be ready for build and your vision will be brought to life along the way with the use of 3D models, color renderings as wells as plans and elevations.




Renken Architects & Builders LLC can take your ideas from the drawing board to completion.  After the design process, we custom select each subcontractor for the specfic needs of your project. Renken Architects & Builders LLC will oversee every step of the building process. You will have the piece of mind of having the same team from conception to completion.  We are also able to assist with land acquisition. Click HERE to search for properties in your area.




No project is too big or too small. Wheather it is the transformation of one room or a major addition, we will take the existing space of your home or business and help you realize its full potential.  We are able to offer our transformation services as both the design architect and builder.


Renken Architects & Builders LLC is the culmination of many years of experience and vision of its founder, Scott Renken, Architect.


After graduating from the University of Illinois with a masters degree in architecture, Mr. Renken began his career with Otis Associates, Northbrook where he established himself as a leading designer and Project Manager and ultimately vice-president. Mr. Renken worked with a wide variety of clients including builders, developers, homeowners, corporations and government bodies. Significant projects include The Reserve at the Merit Club, Cotswolds of Northbrook, Royal Ridge, The Woodlands of Darien and numerous others.


In 1996 he co-founded Greystone Builders and Architects Inc., and as President, helped establish Greystone as a Premier custom home builder on the North Shore. Having designed and built over 60 unique homes, Greystone set the standard for elegance and sophistication. Each home was monitored by Mr. Renken through the construction process to assure construction and aesthetic quality.


Renken Architects & Builders LLC continues this fine tradition of top quality design and a construction process with unsurpassed attention to detail and individual attention. Whether it be a small addition or new home, you can be assured that the finished product will meet or exceed all expectations due to the hands-on approach of its principal in every phase. We hand pick our subcontractors based on suitability for the job and budget considerations. Through the architectural design, zoning review and construction phases, having an experienced Registered Architect direct the process insures a quality finished product that combines aesthetics and fine detailing with sound construction.

Scott Renken,



Scott Renken's work has been featured in the following publications 


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